Fauzan Khan

Programmer - Web Developer - Technology Enthusiast

Things I've made, learnt from
My journey from an amateur to a professional

Something about me
I Learnt Web Development from the Web

Who am I ?
I'm Fauzan, a Front End Developer based out of Berlin, Germany. I also happen to be a computer science engineer who fell in love with making delightful interfaces.

When I'm not coding you'll find me playing 🎸, performing 🎭, reading 📚 or just chillin' 😌
What I've done so far ?
I've worked on a wide variety of web products ranging from traffic heavy consumer apps to bulky enterprise applications. I've worked in mid size companies to small start-ups.

I've built products for others and for myself. I've seen the products I've contributed to fail and succeed.
What can I do for you ?
All things related to UI/UX & web programming.

Things I Know
And Stuff I've Built with them


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I use these awesome
Core languages
Along with some
Frameworks and Libraries
To Build Products
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